Northern Territory Government Creating Opportunities for Resource Exploration


The Northern Territory is a world leader in production of manganese, with total production until June 2015 of 105 million tonnes of manganese ore and concentrate. Annual production in 2014/15 was 5.69 million tonnes, from two operations: the world class Gemco mine on Groote Eylandt (South 32 Ltd), and the Bootu Creek mine north of Tennant Creek (OM Holdings Ltd). The Groote Eylandt deposit is one of the world’s largest and highest grade manganese mines, with total resources and reserves of 184 Mt @ 42.4% Mn. Oolitic and pisolitic sedimentary manganese deposits along the western margin of the Carpentaria Basin, including Groote Eylandt, were originally precipitated during a Cretaceous (95 Ma) marine regression on coastal terraces and troughs.

The Bootu Creek deposit is a hydrothermally modified sedimentary deposit hosted in Palaeoproterozoic rocks of the Tomkinson Province (part of the greater McArthur Basin), 110 km north of Tennant Creek. At 31 December 2014 the remaining Reserves and Resources for Bootu Creek were 20.5 Mt at 22.24% Mn. The mine commenced operation in 2006 and entered care and maintenance in December 2015.

Sedimentary manganese deposits are also present in the Amadeus Basin (eg Wangatinya).

Last updated: 01 Oct 2019