Northern Territory Government Creating Opportunities for Resource Exploration

Petroleum in the Northern Territory

A large proportion of the Northern Territory comprises sedimentary basins ranging in age from the Palaeoproterozoic through to the Cenozoic. A number of these basins are very prospective for both conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons. The Amadeus, McArthur, onshore Bonaparte and Georgina basins have the highest demonstrated levels of petroleum prospectivity in the NT, and have been the focus of much of the exploration activity to date. Only the Amadeus Basin has producing fields, but both the McArthur and onshore Bonaparte basins have contingent petroleum reserves. Other basins with petroleum potential include the Birrindudu, South Nicholson, Pedirka, Eromanga, Ngalia and Wiso basins, and the Lawn Hill Platform. The remainder of the NT's sedimentary basins have either untested or low prospectivity. An overview of the petroleum geology and hydrocarbon potential of the onshore sedimentary basins is provided in the NTGS Report 22.

Last updated: 29 May 2017